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Chinese. Forged Metal Chair

“Sky is round, Earth is square”

That is what the ancient Chinese believed in, and they applied it in their daily lives, including the design of furniture. Armrest in a ring represents the round sky, the square base represents the Earth.

Unlike the traditional Ming-Dynasty-style armchair that is made of hardwood, this chair is made of forged mild steel. Each component is joined together by rivets.

By making a furniture that is well known among Asians with forged metal, the creator hoped that more people could get to know blacksmith better and get to know what blacksmith is capable of.

3D rendered prototype are made in this project to realized the idea as shown in the last 3 slides.

date. 25th May 2019

material. Forged Mild Steel

size. 600 x 500 x 950 mm

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